About Me

💥 Motherhood WILL be the most difficult and challenging thing you ever do.

It’s messy, complicated, exhausting, frustrating, and emotional. (SO emotional 😭)

But, it’s also magical, exceptionally rewarding, and filled with SO much LOVE.

I’m all about using smartsimple, and effective methods. It’s necessary to survive these chaotic times!

Methods that help you through the tough times, enjoy the wonderful times, simplify the chaos, and raise amazing little humans.

❤ If you’re a new mom feeling overwhelmed by all of the different stages, looking for an easy to follow guide for each phase of motherhood without the fluff, YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

❤ If you’re an expecting mom wanting a glimpse of what to expect and get a head start on understanding each stage and how to effectively approach them, YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

❤ If you’re an experienced mom, have a new baby, and feel like you’ve forgotten everything or want some fresh up-to-date strategies, YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!


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Now, if you want to know a little more about me as a person and what you can expect from me, just keep on reading! 👇🏼

I am a mom to two beautiful little munchkins, Olivia (Liv) & Leo, and wife to my amazing husband Alex. We also have a Golden Retriever and two cats, so yeah, our house is always covered in fur and we love it! (Well, I do)

Family is EVERYTHING to me, and sports is a close second. We are football, basketball and baseball fanatics!

I work full-time as a licensed nurse, but I have found an intense passion for blogging and helping other moms! I truly believe that my purpose is to help others, so being a nurse and a mom blogger really is a dream come true.

I also love to research, and when I’m passionate about something, look out! That’s exactly the approach I had with parenting and adjusting to Mom-life.

I love to take pieces of several different approaches and blend them together to create my own version. I became obsessed with this world of blogging, and I also noticed that I had a lot of people coming to me for advice regarding my approach to parenting.

This is what inspired me to start a blog of my own. Documenting and sharing everything I learn along the way, what worked, what didn’t work and hopefully helping a struggling mom skip the hassle of not knowing what to do or whose advice to follow.

My life motto is to live in a “happy medium”. I feel that no matter what the topic is, there are always two extremes, and the sweet spot for me is somewhere in the middle. In the world of parenting, this motto comes into play a lot.

As parents, we have to make so many critical decisions for our children. We also have to make a lot of choices on how to approach (what feels like) a billion different situations! That comes with an indescribable amount of pressure to make the right decisions, paired with the inevitable judgment you receive from those decisions, and that’s is enough to drive a girl insane!

This can leave you feeling defeated, frustrated, discouraged, and worst of all like you’re failing your kids. 

I’ve experienced this first hand, and have had so many people confide in me that have felt the same way. I want to help you avoid ever feeling that way, help you through it if you’re currently struggling with this, and encourage you to feel confident in yourself and your decisions.

If you can relate, then you are my people. This blog is all about you, dedicated to you, and I am SO excited that you found me! I have dedicated myself to serving the ones who need it more than ever. Moms.

Not just any moms…busy moms. Overwhelmed moms. Spread-too-thin moms. Moms who have so much love in their heart that it hurts. Moms who are holdin’ it down, giving it their all, but find themselves wishing it could be easier. Wishing they could be that organized, “perfect” mom who seems to have it all together.

Let me just quickly say, you’re amazing. The world is a better place with you in it. HonestlyI’m here to help you along the way. That mom friend you wish you could talk to and get advice from, but not feel obligated to schedule a play date with. (lol) The mom friend who has been there, knows the struggle and has a ton of helpful tips she’s just dying to share with you, all from the comfort of your phone/tablet/computer!

My goal is to simplify motherhood for the moms out there who are overwhelmed with all of the chaos that comes with motherhood.

 I use the endless research I have done, all of the vastly different styles I have learned, and use my “happy medium” approach to piece together what I feel is the perfect blend. This goes for parenting, self-care, living a healthy life and just plain feeling good about yourself! 

They say it takes a village to raise a family, well that couldn’t be more true. Join my virtual village and have support through the ups and downs of being a mom. It takes a lot of coffee, wine, and a tribe of like-minded moms who have your back through it all!