As a new mom, it can be completely overwhelming trying to figure out how to prepare for a newborn. There are endless products out there, and it’s almost impossible to know exactly what you will need.

If you’re struggling to figure out what you need during the first 3 months of newborn life, you’re in the right place! Here’s my ultimate list of newborn essentials that I have compiled through three babies!

Through trial and error, moments where I didn’t have what I needed, moments where I purchased products that weren’t necessary, I’ve done it all and this is my final list of newborn essentials that I recommend to any new mom preparing for a baby!

1 | Halo SleepSack

I tried swaddle blankets, velcro swaddles, arms up, arms down, the whole nine, but this one blows the others out of the water.

Swaddling is so important in the early stages helping your little one feel safe and secure. 

This particular swaddle is excellent quality, has lasted years throughout multiple babies, and prevents them from busting out of their swaddle and waking themselves up!

A good swaddle could be the difference between a fussy baby and actual sleep. Trust me, it’s worth it.

2 | Graco Pack N’ Play

Pack ‘N Plays are so versatile. You can use them throughout many different stages as a portable crib, a playpen, or even a bassinet. 

I couldn’t bring myself to buy a separate bassinet that would only be used for a couple of months. Multi-use items are the way to go, and this one is amazing!

It’s also super easy to pack up and bring with you anywhere!

3 | Fisher-Price Swing

A swing comes in SO handy when you need a break from holding your baby. 

Sometimes (most of the time) laying them somewhere flat or stationary doesn’t do the trick with a squirmy baby. 

This swing has saved my arms (and sanity) on several occasions.

You can also adjust the speed of the swing, direction it swings, and it even has soothing music options.

4 | Plain White Onesies

Babies grow extremely fast. You blink and they go from newborn clothes to 3 months, & before you know it they’re in 6 months clothing. 

The trend continues for the first year & as cute as all the baby clothes are, my go-to was a plain white onesie. 

I got the cute outfits for taking pictures and going out etc. but babies have blowouts and spit-up situations on the regular.  You end up changing their outfit upwards of 3 times a day! Why waste your money on that many outfits when they grow out of them SO FAST?! 

Also, the white onesies are much easier to bleach & get stains out of, because there will be stains. LOTS of stains.

5 | Zip-up Sleepers

Zip-up sleepers are SO convenient.

Nobody wants to be buttoning a million buttons in the middle of the night, only to realize that you missed one and have to start all over.

 Zippers are the way to go. Trust me. Take the path of least resistance.

Carters is my favorite brand for these, affordable and high quality.

6 | Nursing Pillow

Initially, I planned on getting the Boppy nursing pillow. However, I realized that it just sits in your lap and doesn’t exactly reach your breast.

This means you will need to hold up the pillow or support the pillow to reach your breast while breastfeeding.

To me, that defeats the purpose of being hands-free and comfortable while feeding. Which is why I opted for My Breast Friend over the Boppy.

My Breast Friend nursing pillow clips around your waist at the perfect height to nurse. It’s super comfortable, supports your back, supports the baby, and is very sturdy.

You also don’t need to be breastfeeding to benefit from this. It’s great for bottle feeds as well!

7 | Wubba Nub Pacifier

All three of my kids were very picky when it came to pacifiers. The ONLY pacifier they would use was the Wubba Nub. Shark Tank product for the win!

These are great because they have an adorable plush stuffed animal attached to them, which is not only cute, it helps with functionality also!

Pacifiers get dropped and spit out constantly. Having a weighted toy at the end of it can help keep it in place without constantly falling out.

Also, when they get a little older, they will love having a soft stuffed animal to hold on to and play with.

8 | Aiden + Anais Blankets

These blankets are all the rage (and for good reason!)

They are SO much more than swaddle blankets, which is why they made my list of newborn essentials!

These blankets are so soft, light, and airy. They can be used as a nursing cover, a car seat cover, a burp rag, or a light blanket for the baby on warmer days.

They offer so many different patterns that are absolutely gorgeous and SO VERSATILE. They’re definitely a staple in our house.

9 | Car Seat Cover

Another multi-purpose item! Yes! 

This car seat cover doubles as a nursing cover as well.

It is incredibly soft, stretchy, easily machine washable and so handy!  It’s wonderful to shield your little one from the sun, crowds of people, and works perfectly as a nursing cover.

They also have a bunch of really cute designs.

10 | Crib Sheets

Soft and comfortable crib sheets are harder to find than you think! 

These ones are the perfect soft heather neutral colors.

They’re INCREDIBLY soft and VERY affordable. AKA perfect.

11 | Baby Bath

We tried a few different styles of baths and found this one to be our favorite. (It just so happens to be the most affordable too! Score!)

 This one is sturdy enough to keep them supported, soft enough for them to be comfortable, insanely easy to clean, and even has a little hook to hang it up when you’re done!

Bonus tip: Flip it upside down when your little one is able to sit up on their own! It doubles as a great little support chair when they are no longer interested in laying down during bathtime.

12 | Washcloths

Initially, I didn’t think I would need washcloths specific for babies. Figuring I could just use regular washcloths, I quickly realized that they’re way too rough for baby skin.

Babies have the softest, most gentle, sensitive skin so it’s important to use a washcloth that isn’t too abrasive that will hurt or irritate their skin.

These Burt’s Bee’s Baby Washcloths were the perfect size, softness, everything.

Also, these are soft and thin enough to use for cleaning their ears (since it’s not safe to use q-tips) and also to clean their eyes when they get gunky.

13 | Nail Clippers

Baby nails grow extremely fast. In the beginning, they’re so thin you can just peel them off.  But soon after you will need to trim them.

I like these because, for me, they are safe and easy to use.

The baby nail files and all that just takes FOREVER and really isn’t very effective in my opinion.

These are a perfect size, width, and have a very smooth and controlled clipping motion that allows you to be very precise.

14 | Sound Machine – Hatch Baby Rest

A sound machine is a no-brainer if you want your baby to be able to sleep through noise. I did not want to have to tip-toe around my house while my baby is sleeping.

It’s also very soothing for babies because it mimics the sounds they heard in utero. 

I love the Hatch for everyday use. It doubles as a nightlight & can be controlled through an app on my phone. 

It’s a newborn essential that will grow with them and be used for years to come!

15 | Portable Sound Machine

This portable sound machine has been a life saver for me on many occasions. It’s portable, so we basically take it EVERYWHERE with us.

Going to the store, taking a walk in the stroller, in the car on a long drive, camping, etc. Babies can fall asleep basically any place any time. It’s KEEPING them asleep that can be difficult. Turning on the sound machine while you’re out and about can be the difference between a quick snooze and full peaceful nap.

Portable sound machine

16 | Cart Seat – Graco Click Connect

Having a click-in car seat is an absolute necessity in my opinion. Babies sleep a ton, & the thought of having to wake them up every time you go in and out of the car or stroller is terrifying. 

It also makes it easier when using multiple cars, because you can just buy an additional base rather than a separate car seat for every car.

It also has adapters for various strollers where you can just click it in for seamless transfers.

Oh, and it’s AMAZING quality, super comfy, and very highly rated. It’s a fabulous car seat that we’ve used through multiple babies!

17 | B.O.B. Revolution Stroller

This stroller is amazing! It is heavy-duty and extremely durable, but it handles like a dream. I can literally steer this thing with one pinky finger.

I also love the adjustable handlebar, because as a taller person it is rare that I find one high enough. With lower handlebars, I literally am hunched over while pushing, which is a nightmare.

This baby can do it all.

18 | Mesh Crib Bumper

Crib bumpers are not safe if you’re using the old school occlusive kind. I DO NOT recommend using a regular crib bumper. It is linked to SIDS and does not allow proper airflow.

I do, however, recommend a mesh crib bumper. These are safe and allow proper airflow.

It only took one incident where I heard my daughter screaming bloody murder as I rushed in and saw her poor little leg stuck in between the panels of her crib. That second I purchased this mesh crib bumper on Amazon & never looked back.

19 | ComoTomo Bottles

These bottles are absolutely incredible!

We started with Dr. Brown’s bottles. They were pretty difficult to clean, and for some reason, they would leak uncontrollably!

With a little research, we were lead to the Comotomo bottles.

WOW. These bottles are PERFECTION! The nipple is shaped more like a breast than other bottles, they reduce bubbles without needing any extra parts, they’re soft and squishy, SO SIMPLE TO CLEAN (which is huge), and they DON’T LEAK!
What more can I say?! These are one of my TOP NEWBORN ESSENTIALS for sure.

They come in green or soft pink, and 5oz or 8oz sizes.

20| Diaper Clutch – Bumco

I will never get over how much I LOVE this diaper clutch.

It is SO helpful, SO genius, SO stylish, and basically perfect in every way.

It is the PERFECT size for grab-and-go diaper changes. It has a built-in wipes dispenser, because who has time to fiddle around finding wipes when you have a blow out in public. I mean, honestly.

It has a zipper compartment to store your diapers and even your phone/wallet if you don’t want to bring a purse.

Heck, I even use this thing around the house when I want to do a quick change! It is an absolute STAPLE.

COUPON: Use code SSM10 for 10% off your purchase!

22 | Zinc Oxide Diaper Cream

This one is simply heaven-sent. Diaper rashes can take a turn for the worse in the blink of an eye. 

Any sign of redness, I would apply some Destin and it would basically be gone by the next diaper change. 

If a rash actually does break out, lather this stuff on like you’re icing a cake. Seriously. It will be healed in no time!

(You must use the maximum strength. Regular strength doesn’t work nearly as well.)

As a nurse, I realized that Desitin is just Zinc Oxide.

I stopped buying the brand name and started buying generic Zinc Oxide by the tub, which is a FRACTION of the cost for the exact same thing.

23 | Diaper Cream Applicator – Bumco

Speaking of slathering on cream like you’re icing a cake…do you really want to be doing that with your fingers?! 

I didn’t think so. 

This little guy is super affordable, easy to clean, and even suctions to the table so it stays put!

It’s also made by the same brand as the diaper clutch, so the travel applicator fits perfectly in your clutch 🙂

24 | Changing Pad

This changing pad is the best of the best. Definitely a little splurge, but so worth it.

It is a firm foam-like material that is soft and comfortable without needing a changing pad cover. 

This makes it extremely easy to clean with a simple wipe down, rather than having to constantly be washing a fabric changing pad cover. And with the amount of laundry we do, anything that eliminates the need for laundry is a win in my book.

Definitely worth it.

25 | Diaper Caddy

A diaper caddy is great to have on your changing table to hold all of the diaper changing essentials.

 It can also be used on the go, easy to grab, and have everything you need in one place.

Great for bringing in the car or even on trips. 

It’s also really cute and looks great on your changing table 😉

These are my top 23 ultimate NEWBORN ESSENTIALS from 0-3 months!

I hope this list was helpful to you new mamas out there looking for some help deciding which items you actually need.

Check out my ultimate BABY ESSENTIALS from 6-12 months down below for the next stage!

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