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Ultimate Mom Bundle | Mom’s Guide to: Baby’s First Year


During my pregnancies, I was excited and nervous all at once.

I wanted to know everything that was going on with my baby, along with everything to expect in the near future!

I found myself scouring the internet, picking my pediatricians brain, reading countless books, and compiling SO MUCH information.

There are endless milestones, and countless ways to handle them all. After a lot of research, trial and error, and multiple pregnancies, I put together everything that worked for us!

I wanted to put all the information a mom needs to succeed in one convenient location that is beautiful, affordable, and easily accessible!

That’s why I created this Ultimate Guide to Baby’s First Year!

This Ebook-style guide includes:

  • Monthly Milestones
  • Growth & Development Guides
  • Sleep & Feeding requirements by month
  • Tips on breastfeeding, sleep training, surviving the first week home, introducing solid foods, implementing discipline and more!

Bonus items:

  • Sleep Training Guide
  • Self-Care Checklist
  • Introducing Solids Cheat-Sheet

Rock #MOMLIFE with Mom’s Guide to: Baby’s First Year!


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