8 Surprisingly Unnecessary Baby Items

There is a lot of pressure to buy every single item to prepare for your little one.

Between the extreme over do-ers and the extreme minimalists, my goal was to keep it simple but still get what is practical and useful.

I am not saying these items are bad, just not completely necessary during the newborn stage.

Here are the surprisingly UNNECESSARY baby items we found ourselves not using:


Top 8 Newborn ESSENTIALS

During my first pregnancy, I basically spent every waking momentĀ researching which baby products I needed.

I was made to feelĀ that I needed every item on every list, and without them, motherhood would be the most difficult experience of my life.

My husband was NOT into the idea of a bunch of unnecessary items filling our house, and to be honest I wasn’t either.

I knew deep down that we really didn’t need all of these items, but we definitely did need some.

The question is, which ones were the newborn essentials?!