Self Care Tips for BUSY MOMS

Self Care Tips for BUSY MOMS

Whether you’re a working mom or a stay at home mom, you are busy. You will always be busy, and it can be extremely overwhelming when you feel like you’re always playing catch up.

There are endless tasks to be done, your family needs your time and attention, the house will always need more cleaning and organizing, cooking and meal planning seems like an impossible task, and guess who is always last on the list?


The truth is, continuing to put ourselves last has a lot of negative consequences. It causes overwhelm, burnout, stress, exhaustion, sometimes depression, anxiety, lack of self-worth, feeling like you’re not enough, the list goes on and on.

Making ourselves a priority & focusing on being the healthiest and happiest version of ourselves is extremely beneficial and empowering.

You will feel confident, work efficiently, enjoy your time with your kids, be a better partner, and live an overall better life!


1). Wake up before your kids

sleeping mom

Waking up before your kids will give you some alone time before the day begins. Collect your thoughts, plan out your day, and use this time to have a cup of coffee (or two)  in peace!

Check your emails, scroll through social media, whatever makes you happy!

2). Get ready in the morning


When I do my hair and makeup in the morning, I feel much more put together and overall better about myself. I find that I am more confident, productive, and able to conquer the day!

Check out my post on my 15-minute Full Coverage Makeup Routine for my tips on a full coverage makeup look in under 15 minutes!

3). Shower in the evening

Showering after the little ones have gone to bed gives you that alone time to decompress. Feel free to take a bubble bath, enjoy a glass of wine, do a face mask, go wild! Take this time to wind down and reflect on your day.

This gives you more time in the morning because your shower is done! I blow-dry my hair after my shower as well, eliminating one more task for the following morning.

You will sleep much better when you follow this routine because you will feel more relaxed, organized, and prepared for the day ahead.

4). Enjoy a night out

Whether it’s a date night or girls night out, enjoy a carefree evening with your favorite adults! Let loose and enjoy the freedom! Once a week, once a month, whatever is possible!

As much as I love family outings, there’s something about driving off without any kids that can feel so freeing!

Not having to constantly be thinking about nap schedules, packing snacks, bringing backup outfits and diapers, taming tantrums, NOTHING!

I usually just talk about how strange it feels for the first half hour, then I start missing them and talk about them for the next half hour, then I finally settle in and let loose. (HAHA)

5). Exercise

self care

Get those endorphins flowing! Not only does a good workout give you some alone time, but it also makes you feel great afterward!

If you do this on a regular basis, you will have a lot more energy, which will help tremendously with chasing after those little munchkins all day!

It also boosts your confidence when you feel good about yourself, and will encourage a positive and healthy lifestyle.

These 5 tips are simple and practical ways to live a better life and always be the best version of yourself.

Download my free PDF with these 5 steps to print out as a reminder

Post it at your desk, on your fridge, your mirror, on the wall, in your planner, or even save it as a PDF on your phone and reference it that way as well! Enjoy!

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As a busy full-time working Mom, it is always a challenge to stay on top of everything.

Throw in the fact that I have always had the bad habit of procrastinating and you have a recipe for chaos!

The only way I find myself staying organized and on top of everything life throws my way is to use lists and reminders!

I have tried writing everything down, using whiteboards, desk calendars, you name it! Nothing worked for me. In this era of technology and always being on our phones, I quickly realized that was the way to go.

Apps have come such a long way in being able to keep us organized and productive, the only challenge was finding the right one! I went through what seemed like a million that just weren’t doing the trick until I tried Wunderlist!

Here is how I personally use the app to stay organized:

1). General categories


To-Do for everything I need to get done

Groceries for lists of groceries we need to pick up (this is so helpful because I am always forgetting what we ran out of when I’m at the store. Also, you can collaborate lists with other people so when your husband is at the store he can access the list as well!)

Things to buy for non-grocery items we need or want

Gifts for staying on top of what to buy who and when

Recipes for go-to favorites we need all the time or new recipes I want to try out

Livnspired for staying organized with my blog

2). Sub-categories (To-Do)


At home tasks for any specific tasks that can be done from home. I make time to get things done, and I use the sub-category labeled wherever I am at the time.

Errands to run for anything that requires leaving the house. As a busy mom, leaving the house is always a big fiasco. Sometimes I’ll be out running a few errands and completely forget to go somewhere. Having a list of everywhere I need to go makes it easy to get everything done while I’m out and about.

Calls to make for staying on top of any calls I need to take care of. These days, the majority of tasks are handled online. However, certain service requests or disputes, etc. need to be handled over the phone. I also include business hours in case they are closed at the time I am able to call. Sometimes different time zones make it difficult to get ahold of somebody and if I don’t set a reminder I will never remember to call back!

Registrations/Orders for any orders to follow-up on or registrations that need to be renewed.

3). Sub-categories (everything else)


Specific grocery stores for lists specific to each store we frequently go to. We use Costco, Safeway and Trader Joe’s. Some items we can get anywhere, but a lot of items we prefer from certain stores. This helps us remember what we need from each store specifically.

Holidays for staying on top of buying gifts before it’s the last minute and we have to scramble for a gift. I use Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, etc.

Sub-Categories for things to buy are basically for keeping track of wishlist items. Nothing super important, but I do find myself hearing about new skincare or beauty product that I want to try so I will add that to my makeup or skincare sub-category. I also have one for household items such as furniture or home decor items I am interested in.

4). Tasks


Tasks for the specific items or tasks that need to be completed. These are basically check-lists of everything for that sub-category. Each individual task can be clicked on for further customization, which is very useful. This is where I like to add side notes for the task, add a link for a recipe or online item I want to purchase, or include a price for a wish list item or gift, create a sub-task or attach a file.

Another really helpful tip in regards to my list of people to buy gifts for is to add gift ideas for them in the notes portion of their task throughout the year when ideas pop up. This way, when it’s time to buy their gift I can look over all the notes I’ve made and use those ideas to make gift-giving a breeze!



Reminders for setting up either one time or recurring reminders. Certain things that have deadlines require one time reminders. Whereas things such as birthday gifts or other holiday reminders require a yearly recurring reminder. I also use reminders for things like my car registration, nursing license renewal, or even subscriptions that auto-renew yearly. Reminders give me a heads up when the payment will be taken out of my account.

As you can see from the lengthy description of how I use this app to stay organized, the possibilities are endless! This may seem a little over the top to some, but as a natural-born procrastinator who lives a very busy life, this is completely necessary. I hope this helps anyone out there struggling to stay organized!

Comment below with your tips and tricks for staying organized!!!

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