How to TRAVEL with a BABY (+ ULTIMATE checklist)

How to TRAVEL with a BABY (+ ULTIMATE checklist)

Have you finally mastered the art of traveling?!
How early to arrive, when to check your luggage, how big your carry on can be, what snacks to bring, what seat to request, etc.

Adding a new baby to your travel plans can throw everything out of wack and add a lot of unnecessary stress to your trip.

Learn what to expect, how to prepare ahead, and eliminate that stress with these life saving tips on traveling with a baby.

We traveled with our first child when she was 6 months old, 12 months old, 18 months old and 19 months old. Here are all of my top tips that I learned from trial and error! (Lots of error 😆)


family packing

It is natural to over-pack, especially if it’s your first time traveling with a baby. Try to avoid this because your bags will already be extremely heavy. Only bring what you really need.

Worst case scenario, you go to the store and buy what you forgot.

We made sure to bring diapers, wipes, extra clothes, a hat, a blanket, sound machine, bathing suits, bottles, formula, burp cloths and most importantly SUNSCREEN!

Be sure to pack any medications you may need such as infant Tylenol just in case a fever or a tooth decides to pop up.

*PSA: remember to pack diapers and wipes in your carry on.

Our first trip we were so focused on packing enough diapers, we packed an entire brand new unopened pack.

However, we forgot to take a few out of our checked bag and add them to our carry on to have during the plane ride! 🤦🏼‍♀️ We ended up having to scramble around the entire airport looking for a flippin diaper.

Luckily, there was a vending machine for diapers in the women’s bathroom! (who knew?!) Crisis averted, but we definitely learned our lesson.


bassinet in airplane

Some airlines have bassinets available! This is one of the most underrated travel tips for new parents.

Usually, they only have 1 or 2 available (if any) and it is first-come-first-serve.

They typically screw into the floor in certain seating areas and provide a safe way for your little one to nap during the flight!

If one isn’t available, ask at check-in if there are any open seats they can move you next to. Not having to purchase a plane ticket for your baby is great, but having an extra seat to spread out in is better. They will move you for free if any are available! This was a lifesaver for us!


check in sign traveling

Most airlines will check your car seat at no extra charge.

We used the car seat while driving to the airport, got out and checked it at curbside. We already had a lot to carry so it was super helpful to get that off our hands right away (and for free!)

Another option is to rent a car seat from the rental car companies.

I personally did not feel comfortable using one that I was not familiar with and has been previously used by strangers. They charge an arm and a leg too, but it is an option if necessary!


baby crying from ear pain

During the flight when the altitude changes, your ears pop. No big deal for us, super painful for babies.

Sucking on something will clear their ears and prevent the popping, so try your best to have them sucking on a bottle or pacifier at that time.

It can be really painful for them if their ears pop, and is likely to cause an ear infection as well. Not a fun way to start your trip.


baby crib

One hotel we stayed at provided a high chair and a pack-n-play for free!

That saved us a lot of trouble not having to bring those bulky items. There was no extra charge and the items were set up waiting for us in our room when we arrived!

Very convenient.

Some places charge a daily fee though, so be sure to call ahead of time to find out. If they significantly over-charge, try looking for nearby rental companies.

We once found a baby supply rental company nearby that even hand delivered & installed the items in our hotel room at a fraction of what the hotel was trying to charge us.


We have a B.O.B. stroller (that we love) but absolutely did NOT want to lug around at the airport and resort.

Initially, we contemplated purchasing a small umbrella stroller when we arrived, but once we were there we really didn’t see the need when traveling with a young baby.

We brought our baby-carrier which we used at the airport, around the resort and walking to different restaurants for dinner.

We really had no need for the stroller. Once your child is a little older (able to walk), I do suggest opting for the cheap umbrella stroller. Save your back!


We bought one on Amazon that was cheap and easy to pack. (It’s the one in the picture above 👆🏼)

It worked like a charm!

Babies typically love the water, but it can get tiring holding them the entire time. Using a float makes the pool experience much more fun for everyone involved.

We also ran into another couple using a similar float, who said they forgot to bring one so they ordered theirs on Amazon and had it delivered to the resort!

I thought that was pretty clever rather than buying one that is way over-priced at the resort.

Vacation is so relaxing and fun once you arrive. It’s actually getting there that is the stressful part, especially when traveling with a baby or toddler!

Hopefully, these tips help relieve some of that stress! Happy travels!!!

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