How to Increase your Milk Supply (overnight!)

How to Increase your Milk Supply (overnight!)

Our bodies are amazing.

It still blows my mind when I think about all of the extraordinary things our bodies are capable of, especially during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding has endless benefits to mother and baby, and a lot of moms want to breastfeed longer than their bodies allow.

That being said, you CAN increase your milk supply if you need to.

Here’s how I increased my breast milk supply in one day (and kept it up!):


increasing milk supply by pumping breastmilk

Depending on how much you need to increase your milk supply, scheduled pumping will trick your body into producing more milk.

Pump about 30-60 minutes after feeding (when your body has had a chance to fill up again).

It is important to do this no later than an hour before your next feeding so you have enough milk available for your baby to consume.

Another way I like to pump is by feeding from only one breast and pumping the opposite breast immediately after feeding.

This is good if you want to keep your breasts producing evenly and not looking lopsided all the time.

(Here is the pump I loved)

PRO TIP: Collect a TON of extra milk by using a Haaka



increasing milk supply by taking supplements

Taking a lactation supplement can be really helpful! I used the Honest Company Lactation Plus capsules and they worked wonders for me! Whether you take a supplement, make lactation cookies, or use herbal teas, they all have pretty much the same ingredients. For me, I found the supplement to be the easiest to take on a consistent basis.

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increasing milk supply by drinking water

Drink a TON of fluids! I repeat…drink a TON of fluids! This is essential! Breastfeeding often, pumping often, you are depleting your body of fluids and nutrients.

You really need to replace the fluids lost or your supply WILL dry up!

Drinking plenty of water will literally increase your breast milk in one day. Literally.

But it is temporary. Make it a habit to keep that supply up and running for as long as you need.

My favorite way to make sure I was drinking enough fluids throughout the day was by using a cute tumbler! Having a tumbler that keeps your drink cold all day long and is easy to carry around and bring with you makes staying hydrated a breeze.

Here’s a link to my favorite one:


increasing milk supply by eating enough calories

Consume enough calories, in particular, PROTEIN.

As I said, you are seriously depleting your body of vital nutrients and in order to have enough energy to produce breast milk, you need to consume enough protein.

I used MyFitnessPal to track my calorie intake, which also broke down the amount of protein I was consuming.

I noticed a very obvious link to my protein intake and milk supply. Trust me when I say this is a key factor!

This is information I have gathered from research and from our pediatrician. This has worked for me, however, everyone is different so please take this information with a grain of salt and only do what is recommended for you personally.

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I highly recommend taking a class on the subject so that you are prepared, have all of the information to make the best decisions for you and your baby, avoid any unnecessary obstacles, and have the tools to overcome any struggles you are faced with.

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Thank you so much for stopping by, I truly hope that these tips help you through your breastfeeding journey!

Leave me a comment below and let me know which tip helped you the most!

NOTHING makes me happier than making a positive impact on a fellow mama.

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