So you’ve spent months packing on the pounds, fulfilling those late-night cravings, creating an actual human, and now that tiny little human is here! Living, breathing and thriving.

In the first couple months of motherhood, you’re not even thinking about what you look like because let’s be honest, it’s not pretty.

Also, you were running on little to no sleep and probably couldn’t even think straight.

However, as the months go by and things settle down, you catch yourself in the mirror, and you realize: it’s time to lose the baby weight. It needs to go, and it needs to go now.

It’s hard to know where to begin, so here are my tips on how to lose the baby weight in a healthy and reasonable way without losing your milk supply:

Eat right

Time to break all those bad habits of late-night snacking, junk food cravings, etc.

The pregnancy cravings excuse has expired and it’s time to get back on track!

Try to eat well-balanced healthy meals with lots of protein and vegetables. Your body has been through a lot and it’s important to replenish it with lots of healthy nutrients!

Meal Prep

We’ve all seen those annoying Instagram posts of those bodybuilders meal prepping like they were going into hibernation for the winter!

Well, on the journey to weight loss this actually helps a lot. When you/re a new mom, time is of the essence. It can be difficult to eat healthy when you are lacking sleep, energy and time.

Spend an hour or two once a week while the baby is napping and meal prep! It makes life so much easier. I also like to use a food delivery service like Amazon Fresh or Google Express to deliver all of my ingredients so I have no excuses!

(Find my favorite meal prep containers here)

Check out my post all about this, here:  A Busy Moms Guide to Meal Prep


If you are willing and able to breastfeed, do it!

Obviously, for all the wonderful benefits it provides you and your little one, but also for the weight loss!

This one is a game-changer. They say breastfeeding can burn about 500-1000 calories a day! That’s huge!

Those extra pounds will be melting off all while you’re relaxing and bonding with your little bundle of joy. Score!

Seven Minutes App

Being at home with a newborn makes it extremely difficult to find the time to head to the gym.

A more practical approach is doing an at-home workout! The only problem with that is knowing what to do.

Sure, there are a million at-home workout routines floating around on the internet, but will those hold you accountable?

Nope. For me, if I don’t have a structured routine and incentives/achievements to hold me accountable it will never happen.

The Seven Minutes app worked great for me because it was practical, achievable and checked all my boxes for what works best for me. Seven minutes a day is totally doable, and for you over-achievers out there, you can do multiple rounds of the seven-minute sessions.

It also reminds you each day at a certain time and has awesome achievements to unlock to keep you motivated.

Also, if you happen to have an Apple Watch the app is compatible with that and makes tracking your workout extremely easy!

Track your calories

I know this seems ridiculous and unattainable, but in today’s age with apps and technology, it is much easier!

I use the MyFitnessPal app and I love it.

You can search a ton of items that have the nutritional info already there, or you can scan the bar-code of whatever item you’re eating or just input it manually.

This makes it really easy to track your eating habits and keep your calories where you want them. I also used this to track how much protein I was consuming since my milk supply would suffer if I wasn’t getting enough.

(This works with Apple Watch also)

Please keep in mind that you did just create a human life. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to lose weight.  Especially, don’t resort to any unhealthy or unreasonable measures.

If you are breastfeeding it is important not to deprive your body of important nutrients and calories needed to feed your baby and keep you healthy at the same time.

On the flip side, it is equally important to live a healthy, happy and active life! I hope these tips helped provide some inspiration on getting your body back on track and losing the baby weight!

Good luck!!! Please comment below any other tips and tricks you might have as well! 🙂

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